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Music, Mania, Mashed Potatoes

You'll miss me if you blink twice.

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Birthdate:Dec 2
Location:Orlando, Florida, United States of America
I'm a pop-culture junkie, tv addict, and technophile.

Interests (135):

, '80s music, 24-hour diners, 2gat123, 42, avocados, babylon 5, bloom county, boo berry, britpop, butterflies, cartoon heroes, cheeseburgers, childfree, chocolate chip cookies, chuck taylor all stars, chucks, comedy, comic books, complex harmonies, cuddling, dangermouse, david bowie, delirium, dilbert, diogenes, doctor who, dorks, douglas adams, dragons, duckbilled platypus, egypt, electric boogaloo, empathy, erasure, ewan's voice, funny shit, garlic, garlic salt, geek culture, geeks, geeky girls, george carlin, gir, good omens, hitchhikers guide, hot chocolate, human networking, intellectual intercourse, intelligence, interesting word usement, invader zim, inventing words for things, kestra'chern, kevin smith, kindred spirits, large words, lightning, marvin the paranoid android, mashed potatoes, massage, media, mime abuse, mix tapes, movies, muppets, music, musicals, nag champa, neil gaiman, nerds, new wave, opus, orgasms, pale skin, passion, people watching, philosophy, pop culture, prince, procrastination, rain, ray harryhausen, reading, revolving restaurants, romance, romantic comedies, sandman, sarcasm, serendipity, sex, shakespeare, shiny objects, simplicity, singing in my car, sleeping, smart girls, snugglebuddies, snuggling, social lubricant, solitude, soundtracks, spider robinson, spoilers, stand up comedy, storms, superheroes, surreal humor, synthpop, tacos, taking naps, tater tots, technology, technomages, the sandman, the simpsons, the smell of rain, thinking, thunder, touching, trees, ucf, university of central florida, valdemar, verbing words, villains, vincent price, vnv nation, wandering around, wicked, william shakespeare, wisdom, writing, yoga, zen
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