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Boilerplate: The Upfronts that I write about are for the five main broadcast networks- NBC and FOX (Monday), ABC (Tuesday), CBS (Wednesday), and The CW (Thursday).  I don’t bother tracking the cable network Upfronts because I would never be able to stop writing.  TBS, USA, HBO, and so forth all have wildly different schedules and more new programming than you can shake a stick at.

NBC has released their fall schedule.  They cleaned house this year.  They cancelled nearly all of their new shows and a bunch of their returning shows:

In the gone club: Ironside, The Michael J. Fox Show, Sean Saves The World, Welcome To The Family, Crisis, Believe, Growing Up Fisher, Dracula, Revolution, and Community

I can’t say that I’m very surprised that Dracula didn’t rate a second season, and Community has been on its deathbed for a while, with the departures of Chevy Chase and Donald Glover.

NBC has renewed: The Blacklist, Parks & Recreation (final season), Grimm, Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., Law & Order: SVU, Hannibal, Parenthood (final season), and About A Boy.  The Blacklist and Chicago PD were the only freshman shows this year to be considered hits, and The Blacklist was renewed very early.

Here's the NBC fall lineup, with new shows in all caps.

8 pm The Voice
10 pm The Blacklist (STATE OF AFFAIRS premieres Nov. 17)

8 pm The Voice
9:30 pm About a Boy
10 pm Chicago Fire

9 pm Law & Order: SVU
10 pm Chicago P.D.

8 pm The Biggest Loser
9 pm BAD JUDGE (The Blacklist moves to the 9 o’clock hour starting Feb. 5)
9:30 pm A TO Z
10 pm Parenthood (final season)

8 pm Dateline
9 pm Grimm

The Thursday Night Comedy run that used to contain The Office and 30 Rock is no more.  Parks & Recreation was renewed for a final season, but it's not on the fall schedule.  I assume that it will be rotated in as soon as one of the other new shows fails.

The network has tapped twelve new shows, but only a handful are actually on the fall schedule.  Here's what we know about NBC's new shows.  Most of the show descriptions are lifted right from the press releases, but have been trimmed down heavily by me:

Constantine: Based on the characters in DC Comics’ stories about John Constantine, an enigmatic and irreverent con man-turned-reluctant supernatural detective who is thrust into the role of defending us against dark forces from beyond. Steven says: This is everything the Keanu Reeves movie of the same name was not.  This series looks like they're trying to be very, very faithful to the original Hellblazer comic.  I approve.


A to Z: A comedy set in an online dating company. Steven says: I’ll give this a shot just because it’s got Cristin Milioti.


Allegiance: This thriller introduces the O'Connor family and their son, Alex, a decorated American war hero and CIA analyst, a true patriot who loves his country and family. Unbeknownst to him, both his parents and his sister  are part of a dormant Russian sleeper cell that has just been reactivated. Steven says:  Pass.


Bad Judge:  Centers on a hard-living, sexually unapologetic woman who plays with the law and whose life on the edge is constantly in balance because she also happens to be a judge in the criminal court system. Steven says:  Pass.


Marry Me: This half-hour comedy tells the story of longtime couple Annie (Happy Endings star Casey Wilson) and Jake (Ken Marino), who get engaged only to quickly realize it's harder than it looks.  Steven says:  These two are both hilarious, so there's a really good chance this will be funny.


The Mysteries of Laura, about a female homicide detective and her evil twins.  Steven says: I'm pretty sure they mean the twin kids, not that the female homicide detective has an evil twin of herself.  Either way, pass.


Odyssey: Three families are torn apart when a stranded female soldier (Pushing Daisies' Anna Friel), a disillusioned corporate attorney and a political activist are pulled into the same shocking international mystery. Steven says:  I still can't tell anything about this show from the log lines or single image.  I'll wait until I have more information for this one.


State of Affairs: Katherine Heigl is a CIA attaché who counsels the president (Alfre Woodard) on international security. She balances her intense political responsibilities with a complicated personal life. Steven says:  Pass.  I have pretty much zero interest in watching Katherine Heigl in a Shonda Rimes joint.


In keeping with tradition, I will end my NBC post with the schedule of shows from this year's Upfronts that I will actually watch in the fall.

10 pm The Blacklist

9:30 pm A TO Z

9 pm Grimm

I'll be back later on with a post about FOX after they release their schedule, followed by more Upfront action tomorrow.  Here's the remaining Upfront schedule again-

Monday afternoon: FOX
Tuesday: ABC
Wednesday: CBS
Thursday: The CW

Date: 2014-05-13 03:46 am (UTC)
ext_8684: (turtle)
From: [identity profile]
I was actually really sad that Dracula was cancelled. The story was definitely not canon, but I really enjoyed the characters. And of course, even when he's tearing someone's throat out, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is some kind of eye candy. :fans self:

I actually liked the Constantine movie :blush: so I'm looking forward to seeing that show. Hope it comes up on Hulu.

Date: 2014-05-13 11:02 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I liked Dracula as well. I thought it was an interesting re-telling. And my only beef with the movie is that they called it Constantine. It was a decent movie, but it really *wasn't* the character from the comics.


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